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Standardisation strategy emerges from consultative workshops

Standardisation strategy emerges from consultative workshops

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) is actively driving a National Standardisation Strategy through a series of consultative workshops throughout Namibia.

Many countries have quantified the economic benefits of standards through case studies, and Namibia is poised to benefit from a careful review of its strategic direction in the realm of standardisation.

In a significant step to shape Namibia’s future in standardisation, the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has successfully conducted a series of consultative workshops across multiple towns, engaging stakeholders and gathering valuable insights for the formulation of the National Standardisation Strategy (NSS).

With more workshops scheduled for Gobabis, Katima Mulilo, Ruacana, and Oshakati during February 2024, the NSI urges active participation from residents and stakeholders in these towns to ensure a comprehensive representation of Namibia’s diverse voices in the NSS.

A National Standardisation Strategy is a comprehensive roadmap that ensures a country’s national strategic priorities are supported by relevant national, regional, and international standards. In the context of Namibia, the NSS not only defines the path to achieving national goals but also outlines resource allocation strategies to ensure effective implementation. This strategic document serves as a key pillar in the National Quality Infrastructure, reinforcing Namibia’s commitment to international standards.

The Standards Institution said the NSS is not just a technical document but a crucial instrument that contributes to Namibia’s economic growth and development. Recognising the global significance of standards in facilitating international trade, the NSS has set out to align standardisation activities with the national strategic direction.

The inaugural series of workshops was held in Windhoek, Mariental, Keetmanshoop, Swakopmund, Tsumeb, Otjiwarongo, and Rundu during October and November 2023 marking a crucial phase in developing a roadmap for Namibia’s national standards strategy.

The consultative workshops saw active participation from various stakeholders contributing diverse perspectives, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive approach to standardisation. “The success of these workshops is a testament to the commitment and engagement of the Namibian community in shaping its standards and, consequently, its future,” stated the NSI.


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