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Author: Freeman Ngulu

The best in the motor vehicle sales industry honoured

The best dealerships and sales person accolades in the motor vehicle sales industry, were recently awarded at the annual Bank Windhoek Selekt Sales Awards ceremony. The Novel Motor Company dealership scooped five awards. Jurgen Dilg was crowned as the Salesperson of the Year in the New Vehicle category. Francois Hanekom from Autohaus Windhoek, was placed second as the New Vehicle Salesperson. Pupkewitz Nissan’s Uschi de Koe was the ultimate winner in the newly introduced category, Top Finance and Insurance Consultants for New Vehicle Sales, while Sansi Thirion from Novel Motor Company, walked away with the second prize in. Bernice...

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Financial Literacy shifts into higher gear with substantial support from one more platform partner

Francois Brand (left), the Secretariat Manager of the Financial Literacy Initiative welcomed Nedbank as a platform partner, when he received a symbolic credit card from the bank’s Area Manager for Personal Loans, Christoffer Chipeio. The Financial Literacy Initiative is run under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance with partner support from a large group of private sector companies. It targets consumers at grassroots level, imparting financial knowledge in a non-technical way to improve financial management in households nationwide. Jacky Tjivikua, Nedbank’s Manager for sponsorships and the Go Green Fund said that partnering with the Initiative as the national...

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The new special edition Hilux Black in White, Silver and Grey

The new special edition Hilux Black is not really black, it comes in white, silver and grey, but it certainly stands out above the more ordinary Hilux crowd. The Hilux Black is available only in the flagship model, the 2.8 GD Double Cab range. When anouncing this special edition, Toyota stated that the history of the Hilux is punctuated by many special editions over many years, like the Dakar, the range of Legend editions, and the Heritage. The special editions underline the Hilux’s distinctive ability to combine exclusivity with mass-market appeal, while remaining true to its tough mandate. This...

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Benchmark results prove efficiency of open, pooled pension funds

Benchmark Retirement Fund investment manager, Glenn Silvermann (left) and the fund’s Principal Officer, Kai Friedrich, last week told fund members it has serviced financial obligations of N$451 million during the previous financial year. “Benefit payments, including withdrawals, retirement lump sum payments and conversion of member shares into pensions amounted to N$451 million” said Friedrich when he reported to the Annual General Meeting of the more than 8700 members of the Benchmark Retirement Fund. The meeting took place last week Thursday, 03 August 2017. “Of the 8778 [members] 657 are individual members and the remaining 8121 are members under participating...

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Barley project must expand by 1200 hectares per year to meet 10-year target

Namibia Breweries Limited is taking its barley project to the next level with the very ambitious target to grow 60,000 tonnes of barley annually within the next ten years. Going by the yields of the first two seasons, some 12,000 hectares under irrigation will be required. Talking about the issues of investment and innovation, the Ohlthaver & List Group Director for Corporate Affairs, Gideon Shilongo, told a local television channel the proven demand for unmalted barley by Namibia Breweries, a subsidiary of the group, is 40,000 tonnes. However, the Breweries can absorb another 20,000 tonnes of unmalted barley for...

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Zanzibar luxury resort brings new meaning to “House by the Sea”

For the first time in history, foreigners can now obtained tenure to a villa in Zanzibar but it is for the well-heeled only. To market this exclusive opportunity, the project developers, Pennyroyal Gibraltar Ltd has appointed the Pam Golding Property Group. Namibians who see their own exclusive abode on Zanzibar as the ideal house by the sea, only need to contact one of the local Pam Golding agents. The Zanzibar Amber Resort is set to be the largest premium hospitality investment and resort in East Africa. The new owners will acquire the residential units on a 99-year leasehold with...

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Applications open for Chevening scholarships to UK universities

While ten Namibians will depart for the United Kingdom at the end of August to start their post-graduate studies at British Universities, the UK High Commission announced this week it has started the process to select the next batch of students whose study terms will only start in August 2018. Applications will be accepted up to the first week of November. The successful candidates get full financial support for one year to read a Master’s degree. The scholarships are part of the UK Government’s so-called Chevening programme under which some 1500 students are selected every year from around the...

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Three exemplary Namibian businessmen receive Doctorandus (Honoris Causa) in Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Michael Addison (left), the Chancellor of the Commonwealth University in London, conferred the degree Doctorandus (Honoris Causa) in Business Administration, on three Namibian businessmen, Fysal Brenner, Augustinus Katiti and Erastus Shapumba. The graduation ceremony was held in Dubai. Dr Brenner is the owner of Fysal Fresh, a major fresh produce distributor with branches in Windhoek, Ondangwa, Oshakati and Oshikango, from where he commands a significant market share in southern Angola. Dr Katiti is the Chief Executive of Namibia Insitute of Pathology where on average about 350,000 pathological tests are carried out every month. The institute receives samples...

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