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Puma Energy teams up with Hungry Lion for innovative service stations

Puma Energy teams up with Hungry Lion for innovative service stations

In a strategic move to enhance customer experience, Puma Energy Namibia recently joined forces with the renowned Hungry Lion Quick Service restaurant chain.

The inaugural Hungry Lion outlet situated at a Puma Energy service station in Oshakati marks the onset of this promising collaboration between the two entities.

Janet Sithole, Puma Energy’s Non-fuels Manager for Africa, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential, emphasizing its role in providing customers with a comprehensive and convenient experience.

“This collaboration reflects our commitment to fostering convenience for our customers. It signifies our dedication as corporate citizens to creating employment opportunities and revitalizing communities,” Sithole said, hinting at plans to expand this partnership across Namibia and beyond.

Adrian Basson, Chief Executive of Hungry Lion, echoed Sithole’s sentiments, emphasizing the significance of this collaboration with Puma Energy.

“This establishment epitomizes our fruitful alliance with Puma Energy, and we anticipate numerous such ventures across Africa. Witnessing Puma Energy and Hungry Lion side by side is a testament to this synergy,” said Basson optimistically.

Adell Samuelson, General Manager of Puma Energy Namibia, expressed excitement about the extended services now available to customers. “The partnership with Hungry Lion allows us to offer a delightful quick meal option alongside refueling, all conveniently housed under one roof,” Samuelson noted.

Namibia proudly stands as the pioneering African country for this collaboration between Puma Energy and Hungry Lion. Plans are already in motion for a similar launch in Zambia, with intentions to expand further into other regions as the partnership matures. The focus remains steadfast on delivering exceptional service and a seamless dining experience at these combined locations, affirmed Puma Energy Namibia.

The collaboration between Puma Energy and Hungry Lion signifies a significant stride in elevating customer experiences and reinforcing both brands’ local presence.

Anticipating a continued upward trajectory, both entities have revealed plans for additional projects across Namibia and the broader African landscape in 2024.


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