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German funding assists with the construction of allweather access roads in the north

German funding assists with the construction of allweather access roads in the north

In order to reduce the vulnerability to extreme weather conditions and negative effects of climate change, the German Embassy in Namibia through its Labour-Based Road Construction Programme has injected N$900 million in the construction of access roads in the north.

Under the Labour-Based Road Construction Programme, more than 700 km of roads have been constructed as the northern regions are increasingly affected by floods, making it difficult for people in rural areas to access essential services such as those offered by health clinics, schools, police stations and shops.

Speaking at the inauguration of 10 access roads in the Omusati Region on Monday, Gerlinde Sauer, Counselor for Development Cooperation at the German Embassy said the transportation is important as in enables people to have access to work, social facilities, medical care and participate in society.

The roads are part of the programme, ‘Access Roads for Climate Adaptation in Northern Namibia’, which is co-funded by the Namibia and Germany via the KfW Development Bank. Within the financial cooperation framework, the German government will provide up to N$132 million to build 130 km of roads.

This is augmented by an additional 21 access roads of which 8 are under construction and 13 to be implemented during phase two later this year.

“Today marks a joyous occasion as we inaugurate 10 access roads and officially and permanently connect the people of this area with access to vital facilities to help them improve their living conditions. The programme is truly a flagship project, combining job creation and local SME development as an integral part of road construction, and ultimately leading to the inclusiveness of remote communities in the local economy, as well as the educational and health care sectors. These are all key aspects of the development of the Namibian roads’ sector and we are pleased to co-finance this program jointly with Germany,” Minister of Works and Transport, Hon John Mutorwa said at the event.

The Access Roads for Climate Adaptation Programme reduces the vulnerability of the rural population due to extreme weather conditions and the negative effects of climate change. This is achieved by guaranteeing all-year access to up to 45 schools and health care facilities by building approximately 130 km of all-weather access roads to isolated areas, branching off existing roads.


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