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Telecom female employees band together to help girls stay in school

Telecom female employees band together to help girls stay in school

Making sure that female learners do not miss out at school due to the biological demands of their bodies, motivated the Women in Engineering members of Telecom to donate care packs to the girls at CJ Brandt High School in Windhoek.

The significance of this donation is emphasised by the unfortunate reality that many young girls miss school due to the unavailability of sanitary pads, disrupting their education and impeding personal and academic growth.

Handing over the donation, Nadia le Hane, Telecom’s acting Head: Design, Engineering, Planning and Implementation said: “Sharing is Caring,” a campaign launched by Telecom Namibia, is designed to complement existing efforts to safeguard and promote the interests of the girl child, particularly during their menstrual cycles. By providing necessary sanitary pads, the company enables girls to attend school without worry, reinforcing the belief that education is a key tool for empowerment and societal transformation.”

Telecom extended a request to the public to support their Sharing is Caring campaign by donating sanitary towels which can be dropped at any Teleshop or Telecom office across the country.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these girls,” remarked Le Hane, indicating continued collaboration for a brighter future.


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