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Nedbank and Oyayone Foundation collaborate to empower women

Nedbank and Oyayone Foundation collaborate to empower women

In a collaborative effort to empower women and foster a brighter future, the Oyayone Foundation, with support from Nedbank Namibia, concluded the unveiling of the 2023 Status of Women in Namibia Report last week.

Commissioned by the Oyayone Foundation, this report serves as a comprehensive overview of crucial development indicators, charting progress across thematic pillars such as poverty and inequality, economic inclusion and empowerment, health and well-being, education, gender-based violence, political inclusion, and empowerment.

Louise Shixwameni, Chairperson of the Oyayone Foundation, emphasized the importance of women’s full participation in decision-making processes at national and international levels for creating an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable society. She highlighted the report’s role in pinpointing critical issues and providing a foundation for developing programs targeted at vulnerable and unemployed women in Namibia.

Under the theme ‘Accelerating women’s economic empowerment towards gender equality’, the event underscored a strong sense of unity and commitment. It showcased the joint vision of Nedbank Namibia and the Oyayone Foundation in nurturing a more inclusive and empowered society.

Martha Murorua, Managing Director of Nedbank Namibia, emphasized the significance of partnerships and collaboration. She stated, “Supporting this research project demonstrates our belief in the power of collective action and our commitment to initiatives fostering positive community changes leading to enhanced levels of financial and economic inclusion.”

The report includes a gap analysis and recommendations aimed at strengthening women’s empowerment for enhanced economic growth and development across Namibia.

Nedbank Namibia had previously invested N$150,000 in sponsoring this vital research project in 2021. Aligned with its commitment to addressing youth unemployment, promoting job creation, and reducing poverty, Nedbank Namibia’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Committee supported the Oyayone Foundation’s project. The bank continued its support by facilitating a research validation workshop earlier this year, where key industry stakeholders provided valuable feedback on the research findings. This collaborative effort led to the integration of workshop insights into the final report, which was unveiled during a stakeholder and media event in the capital.

Shixwameni highlighted President Hage G Geingob’s vision of an ‘inclusive, united, and prosperous Namibian House.’ She emphasized the need for every citizen to identify and support those at risk of being left behind. Shixwameni believes that through full participation, Namibia can tap into the potential of every woman, striving for collective ideals of inclusive growth, shared prosperity, and wealth.

The integrated report consolidates various gender inequality indices, acknowledging policy impacts and detailing government initiatives through legislative frameworks. It highlights Namibia’s progress in female representation in parliament and government, positioning the country as a leader in this aspect of the continent and among the top 10 nations globally.

Bernadette Jagger, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Poverty Eradication, Gender Equality, and Social Welfare, delivered the keynote address on behalf of Hon Christine //Hoebes. Jagger commended the Oyayone Foundation and its partners for documenting the status of this significant demographic segment, enabling evidence-based policy design and implementation. She emphasized the report’s portrayal of steady progress driven by political will, hope, and the promise of a brighter future. Jagger invited stakeholders to leverage the evidence presented in the report to address key challenges in their respective fields of work.

The Oyayone Foundation, translating to ‘net-caster,’ symbolizes their mission to reach out to those who are lost. Specifically focused on young, underprivileged single mothers at risk of being left behind, the foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty by addressing basic needs and confronting asset poverty.


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