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Ogilvy showcases latest digital intelligence tools to local influencers

Ogilvy showcases latest digital intelligence tools to local influencers

Marketing, advertising, and communications agency, Ogilvy Namibia recently held an event to showcase the company’s latest digital intelligence tools to a group of Namibian influencers.

The event was marked by thought-provoking and impressive questions posed to the Ogilvy team, demonstrating the influencers’ keen interest and engagement with the new digital tools. The level of interaction was exceptional and the insightful discussions that took place highlight the potential of the agency’s innovative solutions to significantly impact and shape the digital landscape in Namibia.

“We are thrilled with the success of the event and the level of engagement from the influencers,” stated Rozanne van der Merwe, Managing Director at Ogilvy Namibia. “The insightful questions and discussions that took place are a testament to the value of the innovative solutions we can bring to the influencer community and corporate entities in Namibia.”

The presentation, delivered by the Ogilvy team, was met with enthusiasm. The team presented the workshop professionally, facilitating dynamic interactive discussions and deepening the influencers’ understanding of the power of advanced digital tools.

“Events like this are a testament to Ogilvy’s commitment to fostering collaboration with industry leaders and refining its offerings based on valuable feedback. The success of this event sets a high standard for future workshops and showcases,” Ogilvy stated, at the same time raising the bar for future digital events.

Ogilvy Namibia said it continues to deliver forward-thinking and effective marketing solutions to its clients. With the introduction of advanced digital tools, Ogilvy is poised to empower brands and influencers in Namibia with the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions, optimizing their online presence for maximum impact.


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