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StArt Art Gallery kicks off new year with “Side by Side” exhibition

StArt Art Gallery kicks off new year with “Side by Side” exhibition

The StArt Art Gallery will offer its latest art exhibition, “Side by Side,” from 3 to 18 February, with an artists’ reception set to be held from 10h00 to 12h00 on Saturday, 18 February.

Guest artists for this exhibit are photographer, Namafu Amutse and painter Candice Mouton. Each of these artists brings a fresh dimension to the collection of fine art shown at the Gallery. The launch and the exhibition are open to all, and entrance is free.

The two artists, who met at school, will present their artworks at the gallery’s first exhibition of the year. The gallery is located at The Village Opera House, 18 Liliencron Street, Windhoek.

According to a press statement by the Gallery, they are both young, self-taught artists in the early stages of their creative careers. “While Amutse works predominantly in the digital realm, creating photographs and videos, Mouton is a painter and illustrator. Despite using very different mediums, the two artists share a similar impetus for their works on display in this show. In this exhibition, Amutse’s photographs and Mouton’s paintings portray intimate moments relating to childhood through portraiture,” StArt Art Gallery said in a statement.

“By placing just two artists’ works in proximity, we are presented with a dialogue that creates space for unique interpretations. In 2018 StArt Art Gallery curated a two-person exhibition at the Goethe Institut of Namibia showing sculptures by Ismael Shivute and Matheus Alfeus. The exhibition was titled ‘Side by Side’. Four years later, in homage to the 2018 exhibition, that title has been revived for a new series of two-person shows,” the statement continued.


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