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Villinger wins record field first leg of ROTAX Go Kart series in Swakop

Villinger wins record field first leg of ROTAX Go Kart series in Swakop

By Adolf Kaure.

A record-breaking 43 racers entered Leg 1 of the ROTAX Go Kart Series which took place recently at the Swakopmund race track. The all-time record number of racers breaks the previous number of 36 which was registered last year.

After racers navigated the course for two heats, Mark Villinger emerged victorious in the DD2 (Direct Drive 2 gear) masters’ category tallying up 70 points, followed by Quintin Liebenberg who collected 64 points.

The other categories at the event were kid rok, mini max, senior max, bambino, mini rok, micro max, maxterino, DD2, DD2 masters.

Race organiser, Jörg Goldbeck says that the level of karting has improved since the series started five years ago. “Back then, we were racing with old karts and equipment. Now the racers are more committed and using newer karts . This has raised the bar to a whole new level.”

“The quality of driving [is good] and many of the racers practice a lot. That is also added to the talent that is out there,” he said.

Standard Bank has been sponsoring the sport since 2022. Goldbeck expressed his appreciation to the bank and also thanked national broadcaster NBC (Namibia Broadcasting Corporation) for live streaming the sport as it creates the exposure the sport needs.

“Money is needed because there are expenses that need to be covered and these funds take the sport to another level. We are very happy that we have Standard Bank on board and making this possible.”

“Media platforms like NBC have also helped to expose the sport to a wider audience. The people need to know the sport and we get more spectators and this makes it possible for more sponsors to come on board to commit financial support and grow the sport.”

“It is more interesting for companies to support with their input. Even if they don’t give us finances, even the products, material and equipment that they provide is crucial,” said Goldbeck.

Leg 2 of the ROTAX series will take place at the Tony Rust race track near Windhoek on 11 March.


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