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Youth Olympic team travel east

The Namibian National Olympic Committee (NNOC) earlier this week officially bid farewell to the team that will compete at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China from 16 to 28 August.
A total of 30 athletes will represent Namibia in the disciplines of soccer (girls), swimming, tennis, athletics, beach volleyball, gymnastics, archery and cycling. They will be led by Monica Böhm as the Chef de Mission.
It is the second time after 2010 in Singapore that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will host the games. Besides the sporting aspect, education and culture are also key components for the Youth edition.  The education or cultural aspects do not only apply to athletes and participants, but also to youth around the world and inhabitants of the host city and surrounding regions. To this end a Culture and Education Program (CEP) will be featured at the games. Seeing the team off, President of the Namibian National Olympic Committee, Agnes Tjongarero  said, “This is the end of I and the beginning of team. Team Namibia. There is no I in team.” said the president of the NNOC, Honourable Agnes Tjongarero at the official send-off event.
Tjongarero urged the youngsters to help each other and to be proud not only of their country, but also of their achievements.

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