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No winners or losers

The Windhoek Harriers Club will host a race on Saturday, 11 February for people from all walks of life.
Participants can choose to run in the 5 or 10 kilometre races or walk a distance of 5 or 10 kilometres.
Johan van Niekerk, chairperson of Windhoek Harriers, says running is the ultimate individual sport.
“It really does not matter how slow or fast you are, or how you compare to other runners. When running, you set your own pace and measure your progress. You cannot lose a race, because you are not running against anyone. We have the philosophy that as long as you have the determination to run, you are winning,” he said.
Windhoek Harriers is a running/walking club with 82 active members. The club hosts a number of events during the year. Timetrials are held every Tuesday from the club house at the Hokey Union Fields next to the Athletic Stadium in Olymipia at 18:00 where after the members socialise with each other.

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