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Public talk explores the diversity of moons in our solar system

Public talk explores the diversity of moons in our solar system

Simon van der Lingen, a passionate amateur astronomer with a keen interest in Astrobiology and Cosmology, will be hosting a captivating public talk titled ‘Moons of our Solar System’ on April 30 at the Namibia Scientific Society.

The event, scheduled to commence at 19:00, aims to unravel the mysteries and diversity of moons that orbit planets within our celestial neighborhood.

While many are accustomed to observing Earth’s singular moon, the reality is that the Solar System boasts hundreds of moons, each possessing unique characteristics vastly different from our own.

The Namibia Scientific Society emphasized the importance of understanding these celestial bodies, stating, “This presentation will shed some light on several of them and explain why some of them may be very important to us.”

Van der Lingen, known for his expertise and engaging presentations, has previously shared his knowledge on various astronomical topics with the Astronomy Society of Harare.

In Namibia, he actively contributes to the advancement of astronomy by training tour guides in the intricacies of stargazing and holds membership in the Astro Group of the Namibia Scientific Society. Additionally, Van der Lingen is a regular contributor to the society’s monthly newsletter, enriching the local community with insights into the cosmos.

Attendees of the upcoming public talk can expect an enlightening journey through the diverse landscapes of moons within our solar system, gaining a deeper appreciation for the celestial wonders that adorn our night skies.


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