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Tap a Meal forced to tap out due to armed robbery incident

Tap a Meal forced to tap out due to armed robbery incident

Tap a Meal in a statement this week announced that it has been forced to temporarily shut down its operations, due to an incident involving armed robbers holding up the drivers at the dispatch office of Tap a Meal.

“We are not in a position to continue our activities at the moment. The safety of our staff comes first,” the statement read.

“It is always deeply unpleasant, and traumatic for the people involved to be held at gunpoint. At the moment the investigation is ongoing, and Tap a Meal is of course fully cooperating with the Police. We hope to be able to commence with our food delivery service in the future, however, this will depend on the investigation and whether Tap a Meal can guarantee the safety of the employees as well as of our equipment,” the statement further stated.

Estelle Petersen of Tap a Meal said, “It’s not just a question of the material costs of a robbery taking place, the impact it has on our people cannot be underestimated. Business continuity and people’s livelihoods are jeopardized as a result of criminal activities.”

Meanwhile Tap a Meal thanked all its customers, the restaurants, takeaways, and cafes, for their support, and hopes to serve again in the future.

“You are the ones that have made this delivery service the success it is. As the investigation is ongoing, we are unable to provide any further information at this point,” she concluded.


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