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Katima Mulilo dairy depot kindles cross border trade.

Katima Mulilo dairy depot kindles cross border trade.

Namibia Dairies recently opened a new depot in Katima Mulilo to bring a bigger range dairy products to this remote corner of Namibia. The depot is also envisaged to supply dairy products to buyers from Zambia. This is the fifth depot Namibia Dairies operates in the country outside of Windhoek.

The Katima depot is situated on the B1 Road and shares the premises of its sister company, Namibia Breweries Ltd. Namibia Dairies view their enhanced presence in Katima as a natural extension of the synergies that exist between operating entities in the Ohlthaver & List Group.

According to Marketing Head at Namibia Dairies, Leonie Prinsloo, this furthest north eastern depot already employs 11 permanent staff with the goal in mind that the Katima Mulilo depot will eventually stock a wide-range of Namibia Dairies products to help in facilitating cross border trade in the consumer retail business.

Prinsloo said that eventually the depot will also provide a call and collect service to its Katima customer base to ensure stock availability; promote smallholder agriculture in the Caprivi and promote entrepreneurship.

Namibia Dairies has depots in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo, Oshakati and now with the Katima branch future expansion into the neighboring countries seems closer to reality. It has also employed agents in Rundu and Katima Mulilo, as well in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Ondangwa for the factory shops.

O&L Group Manager for Corporate Communications, Roux-che Locke said that the Group’s commitment to make all its products and services available to each and every Namibian is of the utmost importance not only for the long term viability of the company but also for that of smallholder farmers.


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