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Namibia-South Africa urged to find new ways to work together

Namibia-South Africa urged to find new ways to work together

The Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu last week urged Namibia and South Africa to find new ways to work together and change their economic strategies.

Iipumbu highlighted this at the Namibia-South Africa Business Forum and Exhibition held in Windhoek, as she underscored the need for the two nations to adapt to significant global changes, including supply chain diligence, digital transformation, climate change, and the Just Transition or Decarbonization.

“These challenges call for us to realign our economic efforts while we continue to address the persistent issues of poverty, inequality, unemployment, and, most recently, climate change,” Iipumbu said.

According to Iipumbu, the business forum is an opportunity for both countries to foster an effective and reliable platform to assess how they can develop key sectors such as agriculture and agro-processing, textiles and clothing, automotive, renewable energy, and green hydrogen.

Iipumbu highlighted how the two nations’ economic relations have grown stronger over time, with solid trade and investment connections, making them reliable partners for imports and exports.

Namibia’s primary export partner is South Africa, accounting for 27% of total exports, while South Africa remains the major import partner, contributing 66% percent of total imports. (Xinhua).


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