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Namwater Dam Bulletin on Tuesday 03 May 2022

Namwater Dam Bulletin on Tuesday 03 May 2022

A blank space or an (NR) indicates no readings received.

An (e) indicates that the water level has been estimated.

An (w) indicates that the conditions were very windy, resulting in an inaccurate reading.

Omatjenne Dam does not have abstraction facilities.

The dam contents are according to the latest dam basin surveys.

The inflow that is reflected in the bulletin does not take into account evaporation and abstraction of water.

An (N/A) indicates that there is no rain gauge at the dam.

*Transfer from Omatako to Von Bach  took place.

**No water level reading received for Otjivero Silt Dam.

***Daan Viljoen increase is due to backwash from the plant.

****Neckartal data for last week was 787.40m, 853.779 Mm3, 99.6 %.


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