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MTC launches service delivery platform

MTC launches service delivery platform

Premier digital enabler, MTC recently launched a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) to build a fully functional Digital Shopping platform and facilitate service innovation to deliver a converged experience at a faster service time to the market.

Shedding light on what and why SDP, MTC’s Chief Commercial Officer, Melvin Angula explained that: “SDP is the latest technology that supports content developers and service partners to rapidly define, develop and deploy a full range of digital services using service templates and a comprehensive range of E2E business process.”

Explaining why they launched SDP, Angula said “firstly, SDP provides a link between service integrators and Value-Added Service Providers (VASPs), which then reduces time to market and costs involved to deploy VAS services. Secondly, it acts as a middleware platform and provides an optimized service exchange between MTC, Content Services Providers (CSP) and our customers; and thirdly, it is to increase market penetration and allow a continuous uptake in digital content services offerings.”

Angula added that with the telco’s new strategic drive to be the Digital Enabler of Choice and grow content by 15% year on year, MTC intends to enter into strategic partnerships with content providers (CP) to integrate the SDP (Service Delivery Platform).

He added that: “MTC’s content services uptake has grown with over 30% showing great promise that content is indeed the future of revenue growth. This has also increased customers’ curiosity about what we have to offer in the content space. We are therefore growing content, partner and service relationships to improve brand innovation and new mobile experience.”

Angula furthered that MTC is committed to continuing to use professional competence to improve the SDP platform in order to help deliver a bold new digital world, which it has promised its subscribers and shareholders. For the end-users, what this means is that they won’t have problems of delayed services or unwarranted charges, or not being able to access the service they want.

“Our SDP is available and allows for multiple content providers to integrate effortlessly while providing our customers with a seamless user experience to a broad catalogue of both local and international content. The SDP will also allow us to manage any number of content providers from one dashboard and give us the control to moderate what services are offered to our clients,” concluded Angula.


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