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Debmarine’s new diamond vessel gets working gear in Cape Town

Debmarine’s new diamond vessel gets working gear in Cape Town

Debmarine Namibia’s latest addition to its marine diamond recovery fleet, the AMV3 was officially handed over by Damen Shipyard in Romania in August 2021 and has since arrived in the Cape Town harbour.

The N$7 billion vessel is currently being outfitted with its mission equipment consisting of the bottom crawler that collects sludge and the treatment plant that separates the diamonds from the sludge.

Construction of the AMV3 started two years ago when Debmarine Namibia signed the contract with Damen Shipyard, followed by the steel cutting ceremony on 15 May 2019. The international project saw components being sourced from various countries, including Namibia.

“The vessel is nearing completion and will soon sail to Namibia, where she will join the rest of the fleet in recovering marine diamonds safely and sustainably and contribute to building a lasting legacy of marine diamond mining in Namibia,” Debmarine stated.

The AMV3 design complies with environmental standards and has a green passport. The vessel is expected to create 161 new direct jobs,  increasing the company’s workforce to over 1000 employees. (Debmarine Namibia)


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