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Manufacturers show their mettle in a year of interrupted services and shrinking orders

Manufacturers show their mettle in a year of interrupted services and shrinking orders

Among a substantial array of awarded enterprises, Guan’s Packaging and Plastic Packaging caught the judges’ attention, bagging not only the winning awards in their categories but also the accolades for overall winners.

Guan’s Packaging took the honours in the ‘Large’ category of the Manufacturer of the Year awards while Plastic Packaging is the winner in the ‘Corporate’ category.

The Manufacturer of the Year awards were conferred at a gala dinner last Friday 26 November 2021 at the Safari Hotel conference centre in Windhoek. Entries were submitted and judged in six categories, mostly determined by turnover and size. The awards are conducted annually by the Namibian Manufacturers Association.

The Director of General Services at the Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade, Mr Tileinge Peyependa Nghaamwa, represented his ministry.

“Honouring and recognizing hard work and high standard of its members through this national annual event, the NMA believes it increases the awareness and the important role which the sector plays in wealth and job creation in our country and the rest of the SADC region,” stated the NMA Chief Executive, Ronnie Varkevisser.

The full awards are as follows:

1. SMALL Manufacturer of the Year, (1) Karakulia Weavers, (2) Kiyomisandz Beauty Products, (3) Elegance Mission Investment.

2. MEDUIM Manufacturer of the Year, (1) Namibia Polymer Recyclers, (2) Dinapama Manufacturing & Supplies, (3) Cernol Chemicals.

3: LARGE Manufacturer of the Year, (1) Guan’s Packaging, (2) Neo Paints, (3) Namibia Plastic Converters.

4. CORPORATE Manufacturer of the Year, (1) Plastic Packaging, (2) Meat Corporation of Namibia, (3) Etosha Fishing.

5. BEST AMBASSADOR for Manufacturing in Namibia, (1) Namib Mills, (2) Etosha Fishing (3) Guan’s Packaging.

6. MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY award, (1) Guan’s Packaging, (2) Plastic Packaging, (3) Dinapama Manufacturing & Supplies.

The association’s Board of Directors stated they are satisfied that the judging process was executed in both a transparent and fair manner.

The NMA thanked the GIZ (ProBATS) as the main sponsor, and in random order, Guans Packaging, Peralin Paints, Namibia Media Holdings, Dinapama Manufacturing and Supplies, Namib Mills and Plastic Packaging.

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