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Cash Converters spring clean sale promises cash through double reward channel

Cash Converters spring clean sale promises cash through double reward channel

Cash Converters has launched a special promotion with a twist. Having started a week ago, they are rewarding all customers until 25 September by automatically entering them for a N$10,000 draw a day. And by customer they do not mean those people who buy from them, instead they are targetting those from whom they buy.

As of last week, all people who sell an item or items to any Cash Converters, are eligible for the hefty daily draw. All that is required, is for individuals or families to put all the things they do not need, aside when they spring clean, and then take this stuff to Cash Converters. The reward is twofold. The customer gets paid for the item supplied and gets entered for the lucky draw.

“Essentially, we are paying you to spring clean!” said the franchise chain’s Chief Executive, Richard Mukheibir. “Even if you are not fortunate enough to be one of our daily cash-prize winners, you will be cashing in on items you do not need. That is a welcome boost to anybody’s wallet with petrol prices eating away at our income.”

“Sorting through your cupboards for items that are in good condition but rarely used and that you are ready to sell could put you in line to be one of the lucky winners of a fistful of cash that will make your budget stretch further or give you a head start for early Christmas gift buys. If you have not yet managed to act on this year’s resolution to declutter your space, here is an excellent incentive to make good on that goal,” he continued.

“Many of us have items crowding our homes that turned out to be bad buys, are unwanted presents or are outdated for our needs. Trading in these items can help you trade up to something that suits you better – as well as giving you the chance to be one of the lucky cash winners,” he said.

Cash Converters is particularly fond of taking phones, computers, cameras, power tools, gym equipment, jewellery, watches, kitchen appliances, outdoors equipment, music instruments, household electronics, unused gifts and inherited items off people’s hands for cash on the spot.

Around the world there are more than 740 Cash Converters stores, making it the world’s biggest cash and asset converter.


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