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NovaNam acquires two spanking new deepsea trawlers

NovaNam acquires two spanking new deepsea trawlers

NovaNam this week celebrated a milestone with the acquisition of two brand new deepsea trawlers which will feed its value-addition factory in Lüderitz.

The MFV ‘NovaNam One’ and ‘NovaNam Two’ are valued at N$320 million and are only the second and third brand-new deepsea fishing trawlers to arrive in Lüderitz since Independence. The first vessel, MFV ‘Lalandii 1’ came on line in 2020.

This investment is part of NovaNam’s strategic investment plan in which the company committed to a fleet investment of N$480 million for three brand new vessels between 2019 and 2021.

Upon announcing the arrival of the new vessels, NovaNam said Namibia has one of the most productive fishing grounds in the world due to the Benguela current system. This system supports substantive biomass which forms the basis for the Namibian marine fisheries sector.

“Lüderitz as a town, relies heavily on the fishing industry and with this investment in new vessels, NovaNam is contributing to Namibia’s Blue Economy in building and sustaining a vibrant coastal community in Lüderitz. These vessels will enhance the sustainable utilisation of the Namibian fishing resources while also bringing social, economic, and environmental benefits for the community,” NovaNam stated.

About 1500 processing staff members of NovaNam pack for the globally renowned seafood brand of Pescanova at the factory in Lüderitz.

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