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City of Windhoek says residents must be vigilant during fire season

City of Windhoek says residents must be vigilant during fire season

The City of Windhoek has urged all  residents to help them curb veld fires by being extra cautious when handling fire especially during this dry and windy season.

The municipality said they have noticed with concern the recent increasing incidents of veld fires in the city and surrounding areas, which does not only present a danger to the lives of residents but also to the properties and the environment.

As we are approaching the driest months of the year coupled with the seasonal strong wind, it is increasingly becoming more dangerous for veld fires to start and spread,” they explained.

The municipality has since advised its’ residents on how to protect their property during and before the fire season, to reduce fuel loads for at least 20m around your property, to try to complete their fuel reduction activities ahead of the fire season.

Clear leaves and debris from gutters, remove inflammable and dry vegetation from under decks, against walls and pillars, check that hose pipes are long enough to reach all side of your property, consider cutting or removing tree branches that overhang your house building and if you have a garden, slash long grass and undergrowth and remove dead and dry branches from tree,” they added.

The municipality said that if residents are burning garden refuse they, must notify the Fire Service on 061 211 111 and specify the area they are doing it.

Citizens must burn the garden refuse in a barrel with a grid or grill over the barrel to prevent burning debris from flying around, to keep a garden hose connected to a tap handy to put out small fires, to never leave the fire unattended and to do it with the knowledge and consent of your neighbors when they burn garden refuse,” they added.

Meanwhile, the municipality urged residents to help prevent veld fires by clearing vegetation at least three to six metres from their house boundaries adjacent to open spaces; to not dump garden refuse or any other combustible material in the veld or any other place than the allocated dumping sites and to not make fires in the open veld.

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