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Public Dialogue: Social protection for informal economy

Public Dialogue: Social protection for informal economy

By Clifton Movirongo.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in partnership with the Forum for Experts on Social Protection and the University of Namibia’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, will host a public discussion, ‘Social Protection for the Informal Economy in Namibia: Options to Extend Coverage’, on Thursday 27 April in Windhoek.

The public dialogue is meant to consider issues relating to Social Protection for Namibia’s informal economy, investigate possible policies and engage relevant individulas to inform the dialogue on the need for protection in the informal economy.

In most African countries, including Namibia, operational social protection systems are designed for those in formal employment and only a few operators in the informal economy have access to social protection programmes/schemes/services, according to a statement issued by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Even though Namibia is one of the countries in Southern Africa, along with South Africa and Botswana, with much more comprehensive social protection systems, there is no functioning Social Protection for citizens working in the informal economy,” they stated.

The informal economy is the means of survival for many Namibians. The ever-increasing rate of informality and lack of Social Protection is a significant concern that requires various interventions.”

Among the panelist are Professor Trywell Kalusopa of the University of Namibia, Mr Joseph Veripi-Kandenge, Secretary General of the Namibia Informal Sector Organisation, and Mr Mahongora Kavihuha, Secretary General of the Trade Union Congress of Namibia.

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