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Business chamber speaks out on agenda of division

Business chamber speaks out on agenda of division

The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Windhoek branch would like to categorically distance itself from assertions that some of our members are disgruntled and are in the process of creating a rival grouping of business people which will seek to challenge the foundations of the NCCI.

We write this, subsequent to an article which appeared earlier this year titled: “Business rejects NCCI leadership.” The assertions in this article, which has been positioned to create divisions within our members, further points to unfounded claims that our Board leadership is not fit for purpose and is not representative of the business community. We note with concern and regret that some members associated with our branch were the leading voices in these assertions that are not a part of what we envisage as a body and our collective aspiration under the NCCI leadership.

We affirm our confidence in the professional ability of our current Board leadership that was installed at the Chamber’s AGM at which the Windhoek branch had the largest number of representation, to lead our pursuit of business recovery post Covid-19 and to help Namibia at large to achieve its aspirations contained in both the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) , Vision 2030 and HPP2. The Windhoek branch stands firm in support of our incumbent President of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr Bisey Uirab , The NCCI Chief Executive Officer, Ms Charity Mwiya and the entire Board of Directors which we believe are capable to drive the mandate of NCCI forward.

We are also cognisant of the fact that in the veil of downturn in economic fortunes, many businesses are looking up to the chamber for policy reform and interest representation for business recovery. We guarantee our members and broader business community that NCCI remains rooted in its core values to advocate for an atmosphere in which we can do business, gain business and share business. Now more than ever before in the history of Independent Namibia, businesses large and small depend on the Chamber to be the voice of business, to take a leading role in policy reform and on finding ways to restore the country’s economy on a growth path.

NCCI must remain rooted in its core values to advocate for an atmosphere in which entrepreneurs can start business, do business and grow business.

The NCCI Windhoek branch Exco conducted several internal and external meetings and subsequent engagement with the newly elected NCCI Board of Directors to articulate matters pertaining to challenges facing the business community particularly under the new normal era. The members through the branch’s Exco also had an opportunity to provide further input to the 2021 – 2026 strategic plan currently being formulated by the board. The branch is also prioritizing its annual business mayoral forum which will be hosted in due course.

Under this pretext therefore, we urge our members to remain steadfast and vigilant towards our cause in unity and collective strength. In the month of June 2021 the NCCI Windhoek Branch will convene an AGM that will pave way for greater transparency and map the way forward with regards to programs and progress. Further information regarding this key event will be communicated to members.

We look forward to resourceful engagement, creating value and growth within our business community.

Issued by the Executive Committee of the Windhoek Branch

Ms Charity Mwiya, the Chief Executive of the Windhoek branch of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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