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Being the best matters

Being the best matters

Namibia is a young country, a nation with definite ideals, plans and goals for its future. These plans have been widely communicated by our ambitious and well-respected President. Dr. Hage Geingob. From Vision 2030, the National Development Plans and the Harambee Prosperity Plan there’s a blueprint for our success as a nation. Success that will lead to prosperity for us as a nation and make us more visible within Africa as well as globally, opening doors and creating opportunities for Namibia and Namibians.
Ambition is good, but this ambition needs to be realistic and achievable. We believe it is, but only if the right foundation is in place. The basis starts with school pupils and those attending or hoping to attend tertiary education as well as with Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF). That’s right, the burden is not only on the shoulders of the students, we as a nation have to pull together to achieve our nation’s goals and that is where quality and achievement come in. We need to excel at everything that we do and try to be the best. Not only so that school leavers can apply at tertiary institutions, but also so that they may succeed in their academic endeavours.
NSFAF is there to assist financially in the pursuit of tertiary education, but not everyone qualifies. With over 50,000 school leavers seeking financial assistance in some form or another, choices have to be made. There is the potential for approximately 12,000 students to receive financial assistance, yet this leaves many without the financial means to pursue their studies. A sure-fire way to make sure that you qualify for financial assistance of some sort is to be the best. Be the best in your subject, be the best in school, be the best in your district or even in the whole region. Don’t settle for less and achieve the grades that you want, need and deserve to study what you want, where you want and as a reward be eligible for financial assistance.
Therefore, NSFAF urges you to focus on your studies. Be part of the new Namibia and help achieve the ambitious plans for our nation. It requires sacrifices, but the long-term gains and rewards will be immense. Difficult to visualise sometimes when there’s another party to go to or a soccer ball to be kicked around. But gaining a place at a tertiary institute to study and having the financial burden alleviated because you qualify for financial assistance because of your scholastic achievements is definitely worth it. What is more, NSFAF is in your corner, helping the best of the best succeed where it matters.
As stated, Namibia has ambitious goals, with HPP, these goals have become even more ambitious, but they need to be. Looking at the global economy, international trade and commerce, we will be left behind if we do not perform to the best of our abilities at all times. In Namibia, like in other African nations the youth are always told that education is the key to a better way of life. This is certainly the case and in the Land of the Brave, it is also key to possible financial assistance. Receiving monies for the pursuit of your intended field of study, financial aid to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor or perhaps even the means to be able to study abroad for a semester, a year or your whole study. However, opportunities are limited and certain fields of study receive preferential treatment. So, take a long hard look at your grades, your attitude towards studying, your life-goals, ambitions and possible career path and make a road-map to achieve your dreams by starting to be the best you can be academically.
I would like to leave all pupils, school-leavers, parents and teachers with a thought; sometimes being the best or achieving your goals in grades, or desired study points takes time. W. E. Hickson, was a British educational writer who coined the phrase; If at first you don’t succeed,: Try, try, try again.
I urge everyone to adopt this mentality and not settle for less or settle for a study you have no real interest in. Namibia needs dedicated students that will be high achievers and the nation is ready to invest in them.

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