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Mungunda leaves Deloitte

Junius, Managing Partner of Deloitte Namibia who is leaving the company on the 31st of December.

Junius, Managing Partner of Deloitte Namibia who is leaving the company on the 31st of December.

In a country where the number of Chartered Accountants is steadily increasing, Managing Partner of Deloitte Namibia, Vetumbuavi Junius Mungunda has decided to leave and pursue other private business interests.
In an interview with the Namibia Economist, Mungunda said leaving the company was long put into perspective. “I informed my partners earlier last year about my leaving this year and we began to consider for a successor,” he said.
After serving the firm for more than 17 years, 7 of which he was Managing Partner, Mungunda decided to leave because he accomplished the goals he set at the beginning of his tenure. Such goals included training more accountants and ensuring that Deloitte expanded its services. During his stay with the firm the biggest challenge was the shortage of skills in the accounting profession, more specifically the shortage of qualified chartered accountants. However, as a way of mitigating this challenge in Namibia, Deloitte awards scholarships to students wishing to become chartered accountants. “We have over 50 students on the scholarship program at universities in Southern Africa because we know the lack of skills is a broader national issue,” he said. In regard to the highlights of his career he noted that being a leader of the firm in the last 7 years has been of great pleasure because a lot has been achieved during this time. “The staff has grown in the last 7 years from 50 to 100 and being a part of it is a sense of great achievement,” said Mungunda. Mungunda, was appointed Regional Managing Partner for the Deloitte Southern Corridor at Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance Group in July last year. Despite this being among the highlights of his career he said it was also a challenge because he achieved all this at a young age and that he saw it fit to withdraw and let other people lead the firm. A successor, Erwin Tjipuka,has already been chosen to take over as Managing Partner of Deloitte Namibia while the Regional Managing Partner Southern Corridor position will be reassigned to someone else. Mungunda, has extensive experience in corporate governance and State Owned Enterprise(SOE)-sector analysis in Namibia. His tenure with Deloitte will come to an end on 31st December, 2013.

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