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Land Rover owners join forces with other 4×4 brands to support the fight against cancer

Land Rover owners join forces with other 4×4 brands to support the fight against cancer

The loving memories of Candice Visser and Anja Lingner were recently honoured at an off-road event where a large group of 4×4 enthusiasts came together to collect donations for the treatment of cancer patients.

Linger was the wife of well-know motor sport personality Harald Lingner, while Visser was a teenager when she succumbed to cancer earlier this year. Her parents participated in the off-road event as a special tribute to their beloved daughter. The team’s name is Kandas in reference to Visser’s first name, Candice.

Organised by the Land Rover Owners Namibia club, the special off-road competition, Battle of the Brand for Cancer, was held at the Tony Rust race track west of Windhoek. The event was open to all marques and attracted 58 entries.

The club said they received so many donations, they were still reconciling all the transfers a week after the event, estimating that this year’s total donations will be about twice the amount collected last year.

The Battle started early on Saturday 26 October at the Land Rover showroom in Windhoek. The first leg consisted of a treasure hunt where the teams could follow any of four routes that took them past the premises of the event’s many sponsors. A photo of the business evidenced the successful location of the treasure. This had to be sent in via WhatsApp to the control centre where the hunts were monitored.

The treasure hunt was followed by the main event at Tony Rust for which all participants had to converge at the off-road track in the hills adjacent to the main race track. Various competitive stages were held to test the skill and ability of both drivers and cars.

After lunch, climbing skills were tested in an uphill drag race, two cars at a time, to determine who stayed the course best in the shortest time.

The day ended with a social at the Tony Rust track hall where Land Rover, no surprise, was named the brand of the day followed by Jeep and Suzuki.

Caption: The parents of cancer victim Candice Visser participated as Team Kandas in the Battle of the Brands for Cancer, an off-road competition staged to collect funds for the treatment of cancer patients.


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