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Investment scheme a major hit

Hilma Hitula, director of the Namibia Angola Housing InitiativeThe Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) is receiving an overwhelmingly good response from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for the lucrative infrastructure building initiative commissioned by the Namibia Angola Housing Initiative (NAAHI).
The scheme seems to be a huge hit among investors and SMEs.
According to Tulimeyo Kaapanda Ausiku, manager of marketing and business development at  NCCI, “the interest is overwhelming, with over a hundred businesses having expressed interest. Most of the businesses have been members of the NCCI at various branches, however, some businesses just joined because NAAHI has indicated they will only work with NCCI members.”
Ausiku said that with over 100 interested parties already registered since the bidding process started, NAAHI is in the process of selecting businesses based on their profiles.
The registration of businesses for the scheme comes after NAAHI invited interested business partners, especially SMEs, to participate in acquiring tenders to help build Angola and provide the much required labour and skills.
“The expression of interest in NAAHI stems from the fact that the reconstruction of southern Angola presents potential lucrative deals that no business can resist. It is even more attractive due to the organised nature in which NAAHI intends to conduct business,” Ausiku added.
The initiative, which is scheduled to be operational for a minimum of 10 years, aims to rehabilitate  facilities in Angola.
On behalf of NAAHI, NCCI will facilitate applications to identify prospective bidders for the project.
Hilma Hitula, director of the Namibia Angola Housing Initiative, said the scheme is looking for businesses especially  in the SME sector, that are interested in rendering their services on a contractual basis. Businesses can contact NCCI who will facilitate the registration process.
The project is expected to create an undetermined number of jobs and offers unlimited business opportunities for SMEs in Namibia and Angola.
NAAHI is a strategic partner of the South Africa Angola Housing Initiative (SAAHI), which was formed to ensure the active participation of Namibian and South African public and private sector entrepreneurs in the reconstruction and development of Angola. The initiative is centred around the provinces of Moxico, Cuando, Cubango and Cunene.

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