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Oshivelo leader promotes environmental care

Lemmy Shapopi, corporate affairs manager of Castle Brewing Namibia, congratulates Headman Erwin Nashikaku on a well-planned Oshivelo Clean-up campaign. A prominent leader of Oshivelo has proven that strong leadership and a caring nature can make a difference in the well-being of rural communities.
Headman Erwin Nashikaku recently organised a clean-up of Oshivelo, after realising that something had to be done with regard to the random dumping of household refuse in undesignated areas of the village.
Not only did Nashikaku spearhead the clean-up, but has set the ball rolling to identify and fence off a designated dumping area in the area. He has also been instrumental in bringing health services closer to the people of Oshivelo.
However, Nashikaku realised that he would need to seek corporate sponsorship to assist him with his clean-up endeavour.
“I saw media reports of what Castle Brewing Namibia has been doing in terms of environmental clean-ups in Rundu and Opuwo, and decided to contact them for assistance.”
Lemmy Shapopi, corporate affairs manager of CBN, confirmed this: “Headman Nashikaku visited me in person at CBN’s head office in Windhoek, seeking corporate assistance for the clean-up.”
Due to Nashikaku’s efforts, CBN visited the village on 20 October to start a clean-up operation.
The launch of the initiative was attended by Headman Nashikaku, San Headman Naibab, and representatives from the armed forces.
“Castle Brewing Namibia regards this intervention to have a two-fold impact to the community. On the one hand, we complement the effort of the Village Council to maintain a clean and healthy environment for the residents and tourists passing Oshivelo. On the other hand, we feel that our schools and community will benefit from this intervention in the long run,” said Shapopi.
CBN’s clean-up initiative in Oshivelo forms part of the company’s larger agenda of promoting environmental care – a sustainable development goal that is of great importance to all SABMiller Group Companies.
Cobus Bruwer, managing director of CBN explained: “Issues relating to sustainable development such as environmental care and the management of pollution and littering is a very important concern for CBN. In addition, the prosperity of local communities and that of our operations are mutually dependent. The environmental agenda adopted by CBN has ensured 12 clean-up campaigns in nine towns over the past three years.”

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