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Green building software for local construction sector introduced

Green building software for local construction sector introduced

Bank Windhoek and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) jointly introduced the free to use EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) green building certification system to stakeholders in the local construction industry.

Developed and created by the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE is a measureable way for builders to optimise their designs, leading to a more investment-worthy and marketable product. The software tool also enables the user to determine the ideal technical solutions to reduce environmental impacts while capturing upfront costs and projected operational savings, within a local climate context.

“Based on a building’s parameters, the EDGE software discovers energy- and money-saving design opportunities through region-specific and use-based analysis. As a free design tool, EDGE presents hypothetical costs, savings and payback periods for green building measures such as low-flow taps and solar connectors, helping developers and buildings make the business case for green building,” said Lenore Cairncross, Green Building Lead for Africa at the IFC.

Cairncross added that projects achieving a 20% projected reduction in use of energy, water and embodied energy in materials compared to conventional buildings are eligible for EDGE certification.

“Certification is offered at a modest cost by Green Business Certification Inc in order to validate project achievement for financial and community stakeholders,” said Cairncross.

“By using the EDGE software and obtaining the required certification, developers can submit their finance proposals with the peace of mind that it meets international standards for building green,” said Ruan Bestbier, Sales and Sustainability Analyst at Bank Windhoek.


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