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13th annual Retirement Fund conference slated for September

13th annual Retirement Fund conference slated for September

The Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia will host 13th Annual Conference on 25 and 26 September under the theme ‘Our retirement, Our responsibility’, in Windhoek.

The delegates to participate include pension funds trustees, members, pension fund service providers such as administrators, asset managers, benefit consultants, actuaries and auditors, but also benefit businesspersons as well as regulators, among others.

The two-day event, will also be attended by the Minister of Finance, the Mayor of City of Windhoek and the Governor of the Khomas Region.

Researched subjects in relation to pension fund savings and the national economy such as retirement funding; economic climate, stimulation and crisis management; fiscal adjustment process; skills development; job creation opportunities and the impact of domestic asset requirements will be shared at said conference.

Retirement Fund Chair Sabrina Jacobs, speaking at a press conference recently said that their industry faces issues such as changes in legislations, regulations and standards across banking and non-banking financial services and trusts.

“History records that in many instances no proper cost benefit analysis was performed, before changes were made by the policy makers and no proper consultation were held with stakeholders. The FIM Bill, Administration of Estate Amendment Act, definition of provident fund in terms of the Income Tax Act and distribution of death benefits of a pensioner member are some of those issues that are topical issues,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs stressed that the financial sector operates within the global arena and is expected to align best practices and international standards, adding that this one of the tests that foreign investors would measure, to make decisions and do business with Namibia.

“It is also contributing to many positive attributes of compliance, governance and risk management. I am certain that you will agree with me that those are some of the fiduciary roles of each trustee and any person delegated to assist the funds to manage the assets of others,” Jacobs added.

For more details and a registration form, send an e-mail to [email protected]

Caption: Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia Board of Directors at a press conference held on 19 August in Windhoek.


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