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On the forefront of innovation leads to PMR Diamond Arrow

On the forefront of innovation leads to PMR Diamond Arrow

By Barry de Klerk.

Local tech company, Binary City bagged a PMR Diamond Arrow 2023 award for their innovative Best Access Control solution. This award is for their Binary City Time Solution.

According Rayno Burger, co-founder and Chief Executive of Binary City, this award means a lot to them and they are finally reaping the fruits sowed over a decade ago when they started the company.

“Namibia seems like it sometimes lacks the innovation that pushes other African countries forward, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have innovators. A number of local companies are making huge technological advancements to ensure that the country’s people are safe and taken care of,” said Burger when explaining the benefits of having reliable access control systems in place.

Companies like Binary City are receiving praise for their commitment to innovation. The PMR Africa Awards recently awarded them with the Diamond Arrow Award for the Best Access Control Solution for 2023 in Namibia.

“Binary City Time started as the Smart Time Solution back in the day. We decided to take a risk on the product. This was before people really used a storage cloud,” Burger said.

The product makes it easier for businesses and residential complexes to access buildings and allows building owners to track who enters and exits. This in turn makes it safer for everyone and allows companies to have better control over their clock-in systems.

A week before the PMR Africa Awards, Binary City also received recognition from MEA Markets. They were awarded the African Excellence Award for the Best Time, Attendance and Access Control Management System Provider for 2023.

According to Binary City this further cements their commitment to innovation and safety. The company serves clients in Namibia and South Africa. At the moment they provide services to companies that has as few as five employees to corporations with thousands of employees.

Binary City’s management said they are proud of their achievements and hope this motivates other local companies to strive for success and good service delivery.

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