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Young Namibians focus on disrupting telecommunications market with fast and affordable internet access

Young Namibians focus on disrupting telecommunications market with fast and affordable internet access

Focus Telecommunications, launched barely a month ago, has set its sight on broadband disruption in the communications world. Just to prove their point, the wholly-owned Namibian company announced this week it has installed, free of charge, a high-speed broadband connection for the Maxuilili Clinic in Katutura.

“Focus Telecommunications aims to make life for Namibians easier by providing fast and very affordable internet access to homesteads and local businesses,” said co-founder, Elifas Haimbodi.

“Our aim is to relate to every Namibian, young, old, in rural areas or urban communities, scholars or business owners, that we want to avail to them internet access as a basic need that everyone should be able to indulge in. Our vision is to provide affordable and reliable connectivity to the unconnected and underconnected,” he continued.

The young company provides wireless solutions that connects isolated communities, residences and businesses without geographic limitation or conditions.

“Connectivity is a must, and to stay connected to the world, one has to find access to the internet. It’s a way of living with your relatives who are far from you geographically but can be right next to you through the world of the internet. A way of finding a job through online searches, a way of teaching the new generation through informative and newly advanced techniques of teaching, basically a new way of living,” Haimbodi explained.

“In this era, nothing beats connectivity like good Wi-Fi or data connections, with full bars, that is super-fast and won’t break the bank. Focus Telecommunications focuses solely on just that and wants to ensure Namibians that the day where one had to go to a certain coffee shop or internet café to send an email or submit an assignment, will soon be a day from the Stone Age.”

Caption: Celebrating Maxuilili Clinic’s internet access, from the left, Andreas Leonard of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Claudine Narimas of Poiyah Media, Ronny Daou of Focus Telecommunications, Hon Engelbrecht Nawatiseb, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Henock Immanuel of Focus, Christa Njembo-Tjinae of the Maxuilili Clinic, Nelson Mandela and Elifas Haimbodi, both also of Focus Telecommunications.


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