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Windhoek needs more electricity

Windhoek needs additional power supply of 50MWA. This capacity can only be generated from a new substation, a venture which will cost the municipality more than N$300 million.
The City of Windhoek and NamPower met on 2 March this year to discuss the current and future status of power supply to Windhoek. At that meeting, it was noted that the City of Windhoek recorded the highest simultaneous maximum demand of 157.5 MVA in July 2011, which is close to the operational margin limit and contractual power purchase agreement value of 160MWA.
NamPower stated that its Van Eck Substation, from which the City of Windhoek is connected and supplied, had reached its design and physical limit and cannot be extended any further.
NamPower is currently working on the Master Grid Plan for the central region which will also address Windhoek’s load growth.
In line with NamPower’s Transmission Connection Charge Guidelines, the City of Windhoek will have to make an initial capital contribution not less than 30% of the total capital contribution. A request for project financing from the government has been made through the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development.
NamPower will have to receive 30% of the amount during the 2012/2013 financial year.

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