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Gazza’s new album showcases his growth in the industry

Gazza’s new album showcases his growth in the industry

With a bit of nerves musician Gazza, introduced some of his songs on his upcoming album, at an exclusive listening party held this week.

Gazza’s new album #MISUNDERSTOOD will be his 12th production and will be officially launched on 30 November at the Zoo Park.

The new album consists of 16 songs and according to the artist this time around he did not write any of his songs down, as he adopted the ‘freestyle’ route where he just ‘vibed’ with the artists and producers in the studio.

Gazza’s new offering is much more mellow than his previous albums which show maturity and growth. “I just wanted to show my fans my appreciation and make music for them and if they do not appreciate me by now they will never,” added Gazza.

The decorated award winning artist said he worked with people on four songs and the rest of the album he did alone.

According to him the reason for this move was to try and focus on his core self. “I named the album misunderstood because I think even though I have been in this industry for over a decade people still do not know me and what I stand for, so maybe this album will make it crystal clear,” he emphasized.

Gazza said the album took him two years to complete and he urged his fans to buy the album when it drops on 30 November.

While serenading his audience with songs that he chose at the exclusive listening party, he explained the meaning and process in which he went through with making the specific songs.

The album consists of motivational songs, love songs, reggae/ragga beats and life lessons he learned from people around him and obviously life itself, he said.


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