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Young businessman creates job opportunities for youth in the logistics sector

Young businessman creates job opportunities for youth in the logistics sector

By Linda Machinga

With Namibia’s role as a logistics hub in the southern Africa region becoming more recognisable, business and job opportunities increased exponentially in the country’s harbours and transport sector, owner of Andreas Armas Stevedoring and Misty Bay, Andreas Armas has taken advantage of the opportunity.

Armas, who hails from Omalala in the Oshana Region, employs 185 people, 80% of who are formerly disadvantaged youth at the coast.

“I started my stevedoring company in 2004, a year I resigned from Cadilu Fishing. Since I had experience in the fishing industry and there were opportunities at fishing factories I decided to open my company to create job opportunities for the young people to meet the government halfway,” said Armas.

“Job creation is very important and is the main objective for my company,” said Armas, who describes himself as results-driven.

“I am experienced in leading and growing all sectors of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organisation,” he said

According to Armas explaining his journey in the business sector he said at the start capital was a major issue, which he said is still one of the challenges in the industry.

“We are still facing some challenges. The market is full and a lot of competitors are penetrating the market. The resources are scarce and you might not always have enough funds to extend the business by adding new equipment,” he added.

Armas said he relied on his excellent communication skills to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers, local partners such as Nedbank and even stakeholders across the world.

“I won clients by delivering on time. This helped me to gain more funds, which I ploughed back into the business,” said Armas.

In his recent interview he encouraged young locals to participate in business activities and take it seriously.

He said the youth should not only aim to enrich themselves but they must try and create job opportunities to reduce the country’s unemployment rate and to help eradicate poverty.

Having worked with Nedbank Namibia for 25 years Armas only has plaudits for the bank.

Nelson Simasiku, the head of SME Business at Nedbank Namibia said SME’s are a prime engine for economic growth and employment creation.

“Our approach in working with SMEs goes beyond new products, services and processes, our SME approach streamlines a future looking growth strategy which includes mentorship, seminars and financial planning solutions to add value to business owners who are pushing to remain relevant in the market,” said Simasiku.

“Nedbank Namibia is a financial institution that I highly recommend and respect. The bank has quality, fast and professional service not only for me but all its clients,” concluded Armas.

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