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There is no end to Kubas – disabled bank employee motivates all around him, completes Citi Dash

There is no end to Kubas – disabled bank employee motivates all around him, completes Citi Dash

For the average person, running five kilometres in under an hour is not a big feat, but for Roger Kubas, merely completing this distance was a major achievement. He recently completed the Nedbank Citi Dash in two and a quarter hours.

Kubas suffered major trauma in a 2007 car crash leaving him first in a coma and then in recuperation that lasted many months. Several years of therapy followed before he could lead a semblance of a normal life. He could only return to his work as a Journal Clerk at Nedbank almost four years later in 2011.

But Kubas did not give up and with the support of his family, friends and colleagues, his daily exercises turned into the motivational force of his life. Severely debilitated, he persevered and entered for the Citi Dash as just another one of the 900 runners.

In his long and slow progress to reclaim his life, he was encouraged by none other than Nedbank’s Managing Director, Lionel Matthews who commended him on his determination to enter and finish the race.

“Seeing Roger cross the finish line was a picture of resilience and I believe that everyone can take a lesson from his determination. I am so proud of him. He showed us that he is committed to being the best he can be for himself, his family, his community and for our bank,” Matthews said.

Matthews honoured Kubas last week with a special commendation and a framed picture of him crossing the finish line.

Kubas credits his recovery to the highest power and the love and encouragement of his family and friends, “I would not be here today if it were not for God. He is the one who gave me the strength to fight for my life and make a recovery. My family has also been there for me through it all and I could not do it without them,” he said.

Caption: Lionel Matthews (left), the Managing Director of Nedbank Namibia with Roger Kubas, one of the bank’s employees who holds a special place in his heart. A severely disabled Kubas completed the five kilometre Nedbank Citi Dash, serving as an inspiration to all his colleagues.


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