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Agra awarded three PMR Diamond Arrows

Agra awarded three PMR Diamond Arrows

Agra scooped three Diamond Arrows- the highest in the PMR Awards- in the categories for Suppliers of Agricultural Equipment and Products, Tractor and Farming Implement Dealerships, Outdoor Equipment Retailers, Agriculture (game), Seed Cultivar Providers and Agriculture (pelts).

“Agra appreciates our management and staff’s contributions and role they play in putting Agra’s brand among the top brands within the agriculture sector. Without our employees’ inputs and or clients’ loyal support, Agra Limited would not have been able to be in the top position in our industry and business,” Elvira Hattingh, Communications and Public Relations officer at Agra said.

Agra also expressed its gratitude towards the total agricultural industry and its role players in Namibia, not only for their loyal support to our business but their inputs in developing agriculture in Namibia.

“The acknowledgment through awards such as the PMR awards is proof that Agra’s business is in line with our vision to set the benchmark in our chosen markets benefiting all our stakeholders on a sustainable basis and our mission to be a market leader in agricultural and household related products and services,” Hattingh said.

The PMR awards are the culmination of a research process whereby companies and institutions are rated based on respondents’ perceptions with a strong focus on evaluating and measuring customer service and customer satisfaction. The purpose of the awards is to create a marketing tool, enhance excellence and set benchmarks.

Caption: Agra shows its appreciation towards management and staff by handing over the awards to staff at the Windhoek Agra Branch. From left to right: Agra Hyper’s Branch Manager, Jannie Louw and Ewan van der Merwe, Branch Manager at the Agra Windhoek Branch photographed with Agra personnel and two of the three Diamond Arrows Awards. Next to Ewan is Armindo Nunes, Salomon Nyangana, Michael Hongonekua and Karl-Heinz Korner. They are holding the PMR awards for Suppliers of Agricultural Equipment and Products, Tractor and Farming Implement Dealerships, Ourdoor Equipment Retailers, Agriculture (game) and Seed Cultivar Providers.

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