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German Embassy provides scholarships for education students

German Embassy provides scholarships for education students

The German Ambassador, Christian Schlaga and Hans-Joachim Böhme from the AGDS (Arbeits- und Fördergemeinschaft der Deutschen Schulvereine in Namibia) signed an agreement to support the scholarships of three to four students to the amount of N$120,375.

The scholarships are for local students studying for a Bachelor of Education for primary and secondary school in order to make this study course and profession more attractive. In return, the students commit to teaching at an AGDS school for a few years after the completion of their studies.

The AGDS is the umbrella organization for seven parents’ boards, representing eleven schools where German as a First Language is taught. Currently, 15 students are provided with bursaries to study at UNAM or at a South-African university.

The institutions also signed a student exchange between Germany and Namibia. The students, all of them ambitious learners of the German language, will be hosted by German families and attend their exchange partners’ schools for the duration of the stay- Assuming the role of ambassadors for Namibia, they contribute significantly to overcoming mutual prejudices while building German-Namibian friendships.

The learner exchange programme has been supported financially and logistically by the German Embassy for several years. This year’s exchange was supported with N$23,000.

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