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Fully funded filmmaking training programme commences for local students

Fully funded filmmaking training programme commences for local students

Sandra Muramba and Elisabeth Hamukwaya, two promising Namibian talents, are set to embark on a transformative journey as they join a select cohort of 18 young filmmakers at the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Southern Africa Academy in Lusaka.

The programme, fully funded by MultiChoice, offers comprehensive year-long training in film and television production, encompassing screenwriting, editing, producing, and directing.

Roger Gertze, Managing Director of MultiChoice Namibia, underscored the company’s commitment to nurturing African storytelling and developing the continent’s film industry. “As Africa’s most beloved storyteller, MTF is a cornerstone project aimed at empowering the next generation of filmmakers. We are thrilled to welcome our new students, who will undoubtedly elevate Namibia’s presence in the global filmmaking arena,” he remarked.

Expressing their enthusiasm, Elisabeth Hamukwaya, an aspiring director, emphasized her dedication to representing Namibia with excellence. “I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and am determined to make the most of it,” she stated. Similarly, Sandra Muramba expressed her eagerness to contribute to the growth of the Namibian film industry. “I am excited to expand my knowledge and skills through this programme,” she added.

Christopher Puta, Director of MTF Southern Africa, highlighted the Academy’s pivotal role in mitigating the risk of foreign dominance in the African film and television landscape. “By investing in local talent and equipping our students with industry-relevant skills, we ensure that African stories continue to resonate authentically with audiences,” he emphasized.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates have diverse opportunities, ranging from working on MultiChoice productions to establishing their ventures within the industry. Puta emphasized MTF’s role in fostering collaboration and entrepreneurship within the film sector.

Moreover, the MTF Southern Africa Academy aligns with MultiChoice’s strategy of producing hyper-local content tailored to regional audiences. The diverse composition of this year’s intake, with 45% female representation, underscores the Academy’s commitment to gender parity and inclusivity across the Southern African region.

The MTF programme provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and seasoned professionals, equipping them with the skills and confidence to excel in various creative disciplines.

As Sandra Muramba, Elisabeth Hamukwaya, and their peers embark on this enriching journey, they carry the aspirations of their nation’s burgeoning film industry, poised to make a significant mark on the global stage.

MultiChoice Namibia Board Chairperson, Mona-Lisa Jakobs, MultiChoice Talent Factory Class of 2024, Sandra Muramba and Elisabeth Hamukwaya, and MultiChoice Namibia Managing Director, Roger Gertze.


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