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Lefa takes its inventor to Paris for Vivatech where the world’s leading innovators meet to design the future

Lefa takes its inventor to Paris for Vivatech where the world’s leading innovators meet to design the future

Melki Ausiku, Namibia’s pioneer app developer, has just returned from Vivatech in Paris, France, where he promoted his own invention and exchanged ideas with tech leaders from across the world.

Ausiku is the driving force behind Lefa, a web-based app that connects taxis and shuttles with people in need of a lift. Lefa is operational between Windhoek and Hosea Kutako International Airport, also linking a number of participating lodges in and around Windhoek. The Lefa app includes a convenient payment system so that passengers can pay for their rides without having to exchange cash.

Attending this premier technology show was made possible through FABlab Namibia and with a lot of support from Lionel Bounoua, the man who manages Africa@Tech for Vivatechnology.

Describing Vivatech as an eye-opener, Ausiku said “my mind boggled from seeing all the innovation; services, goods, financial transactions offered through web-based technology and all just a mere click away on a smart phone or web-enabled device. The future was definitely present at Vivatech Paris.”

“We have a long way to go but it is not impossible to catch up. With the right people, right climate of stimulation and motivation and development, Africa can become a powerhouse and be the cradle of the next technology and innovation,” he said adding that it gave him a real insight into the future of technology and how and why Africa and therefore Namibia can not miss the boat.

“Being at Vivatech seeing solutions being created, designed and launched filled me with a real sense of purpose. I saw great things like IBM’s Quantum Computer and was able to attend discussions on wide ranging subjects like ethics surrounding Artificial intelligence (AI) and promoting the inclusion of women in technology.”

Ausiku has high hopes for Lefa, stating that the further development of technology must be an African priority and must be supported by governments. “We can create African solutions through our own apps, innovations and implement existing technology to solve present African challenges,” he said.


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