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Fashion council aims for lucrative industry

Fashion council aims for lucrative industry

The Fashion Council of Namibia (FCN) introduced their new Board of Directors to their various stakeholders last week at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC). The new Board of Directors made their intentions clear to help propel the Fashion Industry in Namibia to the next level to be on par with international standards.
Taati Sibolile, Acting Vice Chairperson emphasised that they as a Board want people in the industry to be able to make a living out of Fashion and for it not to be just a hobby. “Our Theme for this year is ‘Rebirth or Genesis’ and our key areas of concentration will be knowledge building, platform and networking, therefore we aim to give more knowledge through workshops and give people in the industry a platform were they can market themselves and network with other stakeholders,” she explained.
Melisa Poulton, Chairperson and Fashion Designers Liaison informed the attendees about all the activities they will be having from April until December to show how serious they are in taking fashion and fashion production to the next level in Namibian. “We will be having at least one workshop every month and a mixer every month for networking and learning purposes,” she added.
The Council also made it clear that they want to make sure that they reach fashion designers in the whole of Namibia and that they are the Fashion Council of Windhoek but of Namibia. Individuals and organisations who want to be member can register for a yearly membership cost of N$250 for registration and N$100 monthly fee or a once-off fee of N$1000 can be paid.
The Board consists of Melisa Poulton, Chairperson; Kalistu Mukoroli, Vice Chairperson Models Liaison, Taati Sibolile; Treasurer and Skills Development Portfolio, Leah Misika; Secretary and Hair and Make-up Liaison, Lafika Heita; Social Media Portfolio and Stylists Liaison, Ingo Shiyenge; Art Direction Portfolio and Photographers Liaison and Adriano Visagie, Bloggers/Vloggers and Accessory Designers Liaison.

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