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Excitement builds for Easter at Maerua Mall

Excitement builds for Easter at Maerua Mall

To celebrate Easter, Maerua shopping centre will host an Easter Treasure Hunt on Saturday 24 March.

“The annual Treasure Hunt has become a bit of a tradition at Maerua Mall,” said Carel Fourie, CEO of Oryx Properties, owners of the mall. “We love seeing families come together to celebrate Easter in such a fun and adventurous way.”

Visitors can expect an exciting day of collecting Easter treasure like yummy marshmallow eggs and delicious chocolate bunnies along the way. Participants will compete in three light-hearted Easter-themed challenges. Winners stand to walk off with shopping vouchers to the value of N$50 that can be spent at Maerua Mall.

The challenges will include a Treasure Hunt which will prove their worth to participate by solving a riddle. Answer correctly and the race is on.

First up, challengers will have to hurry around an obstacle course – no running allowed. Competitors will attempt to hop their way to victory wearing an oversized potato sack and balancing a giant Easter egg on a spoon – the sack-jumper with the best time gets an extra chocolate bunny.

Up next is a challenge for nimble minds and nimble fingers, with contestants fighting it out in an Easter-themed Pictionary battle – draw up a storm to get your teammates to guess the right word.

The final challenge, a classic of fairgrounds the world over, is the Easter Toss competition – contestants who successfully knock over a stack of cans in only three shots can race back to the starting point for the grand finale.

Each finisher will then be offered an opportunity to win even bigger, with the chance to pull an egg out of a bag – and if it’s a golden egg, a shopping voucher to the value of N$50 is all yours to spend at Maerua Mall.

Meanwhile, Maerua Mall, recently underwent major refurbishments to make the experience of shopping there as convenient, family-centric and fun as possible.

“Our aim from the outset was to ensure that the changes made would improve the experience of our shoppers, making it easier to come to Maerua with the whole family and ensuring that everything you could need is available under one roof,” said Fourie.

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