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Okanti picks first Friends of the Month

Okanti picks first Friends of the Month

The Okanti Foundation announced this week the names of their first three Friends of the Month, following a draw on Tuesday.
The foundation that cares for a number of children with special medical needs, started a new fundraising drive in November, introducing the Friends of Okanti concept that is based on regular contributions.
Okanti’s first three Friends of the Month are Rihetta Swart, Dr Marita Schünemann and Jolene Nell. These women respectively earned N$500, N$1000 and N$1500 in the lucky draw. Dr Schünemann and Ms Nell responded by promptly donating their lucky draw back to the foundation.
The Okanti Foundation founder, Ms Michaela Tietz said there will be regular draws as part of the Friends of Okanti campaign. This week’s lucky draw, the first of the campaign, was done under the supervision of trustee Mrs. Antje Kesselmann in the presence of chartered accountant Mr. Günter Pfeifer, co-trustee Mr. Holger von Leipzig and executive trustee and founder Mrs.Tietz. The next draw will take place on 29 January 2016.
Said Michaela “The Okanti Foundation has brought about a number of positive changes in Namibia, since its inception as the Daniela Medical Trust in 2007:
• Availability of ammonia blood tests;
• Improved medical aid benefits for organ transplants;
• Increasing awareness of organ donation and the challenges local organ recipients face;
• Increasing awareness for rare chronic diseases;
• Increasing awareness of medicine prices and the opportunity to receive medication at negotiated, substantially lower prices;
• Providing a support network for families with a child suffering from a rare chronic disease. The Okanti Foundation is strengthening these families in their daily lives and many battles.”
Explaining the aims of their new campaign, Michaela said “to enable us to continue with the valuable work of the Okanti Foundation, you are invited to become a member of the exclusive circle of 600 “FRIENDS OF THE OKANTI FOUNDATION”. All that is required is a pledge to donate N$50 per month (N$600 per annum) or a lump sum of N$600 once a year. You will receive a unique “membership” number, together with a certificate of appreciation for your loyal support.”
The foundation’s patron is Professor Heinz Rode of Cape Town.

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