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Enhancing education through sport

 Young athletes from the Physically Active Youth Program. (Photograph contributed)The Physically Active Youth Programme is a registered non-governmental organisation focusing on the healthy development of young people in low-income communities in Windhoek.
The programme incorporates a holistic approach to child development through the combination of academic work, physical activities, sport and community service.
The programme seeks to empower the youth to become leaders in the community and promote social values necessary to prepare students for success in their endeavors. True to their mission, the programme uses sport as a foundation for the program.
According to the project coordinator, Laban Naftal, the use of sport not only attracts participants to the programme, but also builds self-confidence, develops leadership skills, increase physical activity and health and provides a platform to learn about HIV/AIDS.
Since its inception in 2005, the programme continues to attract and change the lives of many other youths in the Katutura community and Naftal is a clear testimony of the sort of impact the programme has had on the lives of these young people. Starting of as a volunteer, he has eventually graduated to become one of the few coordinators of the programme.
“Until today the Physically Active Youth Programme is empowering youngsters and hopes to build a future of young Namibian Cyclists especially from the less fortunate communities,” said Naftal.
The programme has helped train a team of  young cyclists who will take part in a number of races as from 2013 comprising of national races, duathlon and triathlon races.
Naftal urged members of the public and the buiness community to donate bicycles to the programme as this can change the life of another child.

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