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First motivational book for teens

It all started six years ago during an examination supervision when Avril Cordom heard a still voice whispering the words “I want you to write a book for these learners”. Her thoughts were ‘I cannot write a book, I have never written a book but the whispering voice continued and two months later she completed her manuscript. After seeing a white and blue striped car it later became the inspiration for the colours of her book and of the name “Success for the Puzzled Teenager”.
Success for the Puzzled Teenager motivates teens/high school learners towards a higher level of personal development in this challenging world.  Teens seldom listen to adults and teachers on how to become their own personal successful master of life. In Cordom’s book, with every chapter young people are challenged to overcome their mediocrity, unlock their full potential and run a race called ‘Success.  Testimonies at the end of each chapter challenge teens to master whatever difficulties they are experiencing, whether the child of a single parent, a sexually abused teen,  alcoholic parents, a loveless home, an abusive relationship, divorce, shack dweller, AIDS victim and the list continues. It guides them back on track to walk out as the winner who they’ve been created.
Cordom says she found it easy to write the book despite her initial misgivings. She has worked with teenagers all her life and has been working as an educator for many years. Cordom has always had a passion to inspire teachers and adults to become their best.
The book is now available at Revive-Us book store in Windhoek and will shortly be an e-book on

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