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Enough is enough – STAND tackles road safety and drunken driving with aggressive campaign

Enough is enough – STAND tackles road safety and drunken driving with aggressive campaign

The companies supporting the STAND campaign on Monday expressed their solidarity with law enforcers who have inspected more than 13,720 drivers in the first two weeks of August.

Standing Together Against Negligent Driving, STAND, is the first of many road safety campaigns to be executed under this name. #STANDSOBER is a joint campaign currently supported by Hollard, the MVA Fund, PRSRF, Primedia, Media Solutions, Print Shop Windhoek, City Police,the  Namibian Police, SAIF and Snyman Transport.

“It has been two and a half weeks since the STAND campaign was launched, with the general consensus from the Namibian public showing clear support for the initiative. According to social media responses, the majority of the public feel that it is definitely a step in the right direction in improving the conditions on our roads, whilst others feel that the problem we face with road safety a far greater problem to solve, but STAND has created the perfect platform for change” the coalition said in a statement.

During the first two weeks of August, 88 drivers have been arrested, 24 were found to be under the influence of alcohol, 85 were discovered with outstanding warrants for arrest, and in total, 1034 summons were issued.

“STAND will randomly screen 2500 people daily over six months for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol in the greater Windhoek area, as well as the B1 and B2 highways, with a zero tolerance approach. If you are caught operating your vehicle over the legal limit, you will be locked up for a period of 48 hours and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law” according to the STAND statement.

“STAND has also taken corruption and bribery as a very serious matter, and will not tolerate any approach from drivers to pay their way out of their offences. This message has been made clear to all officers manning the random screening checkpoints and will be enforced strictly. The time has come for all parties, being road users and those in charge of keeping the roads safe, to actively promote a mindset of positive change with regard to the way we drive.”

“STAND would like to personally thank Priscilla the Namibian Dessert Queen for composing a song for the campaign. In 2015 she was hit by a drunk driver who simply fled the scene. She was lucky to not be paralyzed as a result of the accident, and joins the fight against drunk driving. Please find the song at #STANDSOBER “ the coalition stated to acknowledge the singer’s contribution.



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