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Goyu helps SPCA with food

Late last year, in anticipation of the pending holiday season, the Karateka of the Goju Ryu style collected pet food to support the increased number of animals ending up at the SPCA during the end-of-year holiday season. Rosel van der Merwe, an active member of the Goju Ryu club, started the initiative to help “those who cannot speak for themselves.” The response was overwhelming and the Goju club members took the food to the SPCA early in December. From left to right are Sensei Jürgen van Wyk, Rosel van der Merwe, Nicole Taylor, Hillary from the SPCA and Sensei Stefan van der Merwe. Rosel drew attention to the many animals currently at the SPCA in Windhoek that all need new homes. Information on the available pets can be found at

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