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World far from being peaceful

The Government of Namibia recognises that lasting peace and security depend as much on socio-economic as on other factors, said foreign Affairs Minister Utoni Nujoma recently speaking at the 16th summit of the Non- Aligned Movement in Tehran, Iran. The Summit was hosted under the theme, “Lasting peace through joint Global Governance”.
Adding that sharply reduced prospects for economic development and social advancement, large-scale unemployment, abject poverty and severe environmental degradation also have the potential to endanger peace.
“We cannot therefore hope to attain comprehensive security and lasting peace through global joint governance without making substantive progress in the war against poverty, under-development, disease and social injustice”
He further said, the world of today is far from being a peaceful, just and secure place as simmering disputes, violent conflicts, aggression, foreign occupation and interference in the internal affairs of States continue to obstruct the building of a new international order based on co-operation and solidarity instead of confrontation and coercion.

“The United Nations remains the main instrument of global governance and the centrepiece of international order. We must now more actively contribute to the reform, restructuring and democratisation of the UN Organs, particularly the UN Security Council to make it more efficient effective and more responsive to the current geopolitical realities of the world,” he said.
He urged the world to resist all attempts for unilateral action in resolving international disputes saying that the world should continue to encourage and insist on the pacific settlement of international dispute, respect for international law, sovereign equality of states and independence and territorial integrity.
“Joint global governance over issues of international trade is important for sustainable peace in the world. Restrictions to free trade through unilateral economic embargoes and sanctions do not promote lasting peace in the world. It is for that reason that Namibia condemns the illegal unilateral economic embargo imposed on Cuba,” he said.


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