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AR Movement deeply concerned over high number of police brutality cases reported locally

AR Movement deeply concerned over high number of police brutality cases reported locally

The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) Movement has urged the government to invest in training programs that promote respect for human rights and the use of non-lethal force after conveying that they are deeply concerned about the high number of police brutality cases reported in Namibia.

AR issued a statement condemning the continued brutality by the police. They added that it poses a grave threat to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in our country.

As a result, the movement said the police force needs to be equipped with better equipment and technology to enable them to perform their duties more efficiently and safely.

AR Acting Spokesperson George Kambala on Wednesday said, as a movement, they are strongly opposed to any form of violence, particularly violence perpetrated by the “very institutions that are meant to protect us.”

He emphasized that recent cases of police brutality have brought to light the urgent need for police reform in Namibia.

“As reported by the Namibian Newspaper on February 22, 2023, there have been 579 cases reported to the Office of the Ombudsman against the Namibian Police. These cases are indicative of a much larger problem in the police force, where excessive use of force is becoming the norm rather than the exception. This is unacceptable, and action needs to be taken to address this issue before it becomes even more widespread,” Kambala stated.

Kambala also pointed out that excessive use of force by the police could lead to a loss of trust in the Namibian Police, which may ultimately result in lawlessness in the country. “It is unacceptable that Namibians are living in constant fear of those who are meant to serve and protect them,” he said.

Accordingly, the movement believes that the government must take a strong stance against police brutality and hold police officers accountable for their actions.

“The police force must be reformed to ensure that it is equipped to serve the people of Namibia without resorting to brutality and violence.

We believe that the establishment of an independent police complaints commission would be a step in the right direction.”

The AR Acting Spokesperson indicated that such a commission would investigate allegations of police brutality and hold officers accountable for their actions. It would also provide citizens with a safe and confidential platform to report incidents of police brutality without fear of reprisal, he added.

Unsurprisingly, AR said it stands in solidarity with those, especially activists, that have become constant victims of police brutality and calls on the government to take immediate action to reform the police force and ensure that justice is served for all.


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